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Technological advancement with service provision Technology Essay (Essay Sample)


An essay on technological advancement with service provision


Technological advancement with quality service provision
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1 Introduction
The excellent of Malus Analytics International is intended to quickly respond and correctly to the claims received from the clients. The quality service to the end-users is maintained to form basis of its success. The company keeps in phase with the advancing technology for optimum service provision. These extreme efforts aim at meeting quality service that its clients demand to lead to customer satisfaction. However, regardless of its success, Malus have recently faced challenges about data breaches, outdated technology, and the central IT to client’s communication. This paper will outline the way forward on how the central IT can enhance its competency but where it is also falling short. The article also concludes by recommending the essential rectifications that can further improve its competitiveness.
2 competitive advantage, business-IT alignment and governance impacts related to the MAI challenges.
The organization took advantage of the cloud computing technique that had emerged by then and made it a golden opportunity to lower IT expenses. It provided storage in large volumes, software services, and applications room (Sasikala 2011) It embraced and boosted not only the organization's performance but also its productivity. The organization extended the social interaction with its end-users to improve the service delivery by simplifying the means of communication making it not only flexible but also punctual. Employees used their own devices to communicate with the clients via the social messaging apps to maintain customer contacts and improve theirs after service experience. The organization also employed their interests into cloud computing to establish cloud-based data as a cloud computing Centre with the same resource capacity and technology like old data centers to evade investing in capacity and maintenance.

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