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Environmental Regulations for Airlines in EU Countries (Essay Sample)


This essay was to explained how airline industries are among the list of global warming contributors and how European Union countries are going to put some environmental regulations.


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Environmental Regulations for Airlines in EU Countries
The civil aviation industry has long been providing transport and freight services throughout the globe by the operation of airlines and supporting infrastructures. Wilbur and Orville Wright invented a machine that really changed the modern world both in good and bad ways. In time of war, airplanes has been use to drop bombs and in time of peace it has been use to transport people (especially the tourist) faster to far places where they possible would have been difficult to reach (Sharma 2005). As far as tourism industry is concerned, there is a prediction that, in the next 50 years, it might fall to its knees simply because of the growing effects of global warming. Due to an increase in tourism industry lately, there had been an increase aircrafts flight too, hence more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This essay, will try to make you believe that airline industries are among the list of global warming contributors and how European Union countries are going to put some environmental regulations. Also, this essay will oppose the argument and consider a particular study.
How can airplanes impact our environment? In the matter of environmental effects, during the flight airplanes releases huge amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere and this is where air pollution starts. Fossil fuels burned by airplane engine exhaust are what cause air pollution. We know that Air pollution for a long time has seriously damage human health and our environment. For example, by creating breathing complications that causes lung disease like asthma. This has also destroyed our ecosystems because of the deposition of nitrogen and acidic substances in the atmosphere. All these air pollutants cause what we call greenhouse gases. We frequently ear from different sources that our environment has been changing tremendously in the last 50 years because of greenhouse gases. This environmental impact from these burned fossil fuel and greenhouse gases is what we know as global warming. Due to this greenhouse gases, there has been about twenty five percent of CO2 in atmosphere in the last 150 years. CO2 contributes about half of greenhouse effect and other half is contributed by other greenhouse gases such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), methane, and nitrous oxide (N2O)(Johansen 2009). Another problem when it comes to airplanes is noise pollution. Aircraft noise levels raises stresses in our modern life and this leads to many health hazards (Woodward 2009).
Although the European Union (EU), has some of the best environment standards in the world, all members of EU need to sit down and address a wide range of issues concerning our environment. Combating climate chan...
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