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Tourism and Hospitality Marketing (Essay Sample)


Demonstrating understanding of the experiential nature of tourism and hospitality marketing by writing an essay of 1000 words. nature of the experience economy importance of experiences in tourism and hospitality the concept of experiential marketing and its applicability in tourism and hospitality. Sources 3


Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
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It is easy to wonder what tourists/consumers bring back after several days of total relation and or enjoyment of the great facilities, wonderful views and delicious food. Nonetheless, experience is an important benefit of the vacation. Consumers’ needs and wants noticeably differ, but gaining some positive (or negative) experiences is a predictable result of consuming the services/products they buy. Experience, or rather consumption experience, relates to the total outcome to a consumer from the combination of goods, environment as well as services purchased (Lewis & Chambers, 2000, p. 46). Altogether, the nature of such experiences is vital for the tourism and hospitality industry especially considering that products associated with this industry are always experiential. This assessment demonstrates an understanding of the experiential nature of tourism and hospitality marketing. This is achieved through addressing various issues such as; the nature of the experience economy, importance of experiences in tourism and hospitality, and the concept of experimental marketing from a broad perspective.
The first issue to examine is the nature of the experiece economy. Economic experience is rather a new vision for a new economic era. In this fast growing economy, consumers are after affective memories, symbolism and sensation which combine to generate a long-lasting personal experience. In today’s world, conventional marketing approaches focusing on functional product attributes and quality are ineffective. Rather, consumers look for experiences that engage them personally, dazzle their senses and stimulate their minds whilst indulging in fun or fantasies (Williams, 2006, p. 489). What is more, experience economy entails search for unique experiences by consumers. Therefore, consumers go beyond mere consumption of products and services, since the consistent high level of service and product quality cannot be used to discriminate the choices for the consumers.
Experience economy is mostly associated with the four realms of experience including education, entertainment, esthetics as well as escapism (Lewis & Chambers, 2000). These realms are differentiated in terms of participation and involvement of consumers. The esthetics and entertainment dimensions involve passive participation, and a consumer does not necessarily influence the experiential outcome. On the other hand, education and escapism dimensions entail active participation since consumers play a significant role in their subsequent experience. Altogether, experience economy revolves around these realms, and combines to create the optimal consumer experience.
Importance of experiences in tourism and hospitality is another issue to be dealt with in this section. The global tourism and hospitality industry has significantly evolved into an area of fierce competition. As a result, a fundamental challenge for marketers is to understand the differentiatin...
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