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Economic Review of Kenya Accounting, Finance, SPSS Essay (Essay Sample)


I had been told to write an economic review of kenya


Economic Review of Kenya
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Economic Review of Kenya
An economic review is a magazine published by the government of a particular country to provide full and lively information on the country's economy. It shows government’s economic policies and strategies as well as the future financial plans of a country Kenya’s economy is stable and one of the most promising economies in Africa.
Kenya’s economy is the largest in East and Central Africa. It is a market based economy with a liberalized external trade system and a few government owned enterprises. Also, Kenya has the third largest economy in Sub Saharan Africa after Nigeria and South Africa. Her currency is the Kenyan shilling. One US dollar is equivalent to one hundred and five Kenyan shillings according to the current exchange rate. The economy in Kenya is lower middle income economy also known as an emerging economy. The country is a member of regional trading block including Common Market for East and South Africa (COMESA) and African Union (AU). Currently, the nation’s economy is running on a GDP of approximately 100 billion US dollars.

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