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African Music and Dance (Essay Sample)


Write a research paper on african music & dance. and apply that theme to a music (or dance) style of your choice from class. I would consult the class modules, the powerpoints for the course theme, and any readings connected to that theme from the course schedule. Be sure to include in-text citations and a bibliography with four relevant sources.


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African Music and Dance
Music and dancing are significant in African culture since they imply a form of celebration. Typically, dancing is common in Africa and is associated with music since it resembles the rhythmical movement of the body. African dancers are symbolic in celebrations since there are different dances in Africa due to diverse cultural backgrounds. Therefore, these backgrounds propagate the need for interaction through regional cultural and religious events. Dances in Africa are accompanied by vocals, chants, and traditional musical instruments such as drums, horns, and trumpets. The diversity in African religious and cultural beliefs and practices has contributed to the development of different dances and music meant for different purposes. According to Mabingo, there are African dances and specific accompanying music meant to appease gods, others meant for celebrations of different kinds such as burials, weddings, and circumcision ceremonies (313).
Therefore, African dances have varying dimensions in how they are performed, the accompanying music, and the cultural backgrounds. Therefore, the diverse reasons why African dances exist are the themes that dominate the songs and the dances. An example of one significant theme among the common African dances and music is fertility. African dancers always have been grateful to their

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