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Analysis of Pablo Picasso’s The Old Guitarist’ using Feldman’s Method of Art Criticism (Essay Sample)


For this discussion, you are going to become an art critic by applying Feldman's Method of Art Criticism to Picasso's "Old Guitarist." To do this assignment you don't have to know anything about Picasso or about this particular painting. You just have to be able to look hard, describe and analyze the work, and come to a judgement about its quality. There isn't a "right" or "wrong" judgement you can make about this painting as this is an exercise that is meant to draw out your personal opinion and taste.
To help guide you, you can re-watch the video on Feldman's Method ( and pause it as you write. Please write 2-3 sentences for each of Feldman's steps, as listed below, looking carefully at the "Old Guitarist" as you write.
1. Description
2. Analysis
3. Interpretation
4. Judgement
5. After you have written something for each step, please rate the painting on a scale of 1 to 5 as below, and add a final sentence telling why you gave it the rating you did.
1 - A poor painting
2 -A weak painting
3 - A good painting
4 - A very good painting
5 - A masterpiece
**essayhave: the Picasso painting is attached


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Analysis of Pablo Picasso’s ‘The Old Guitarist’ using Feldman’s Method of Art Criticism
From Pablo Picasso’s painting ‘The Old Guitarist,’ I noticed the extensive use of a monochromatic blue palette. The only exception is on the part of the guitar, where Picasso used a tender brown color. I believe the coloration difference emphasizes the piece’s focus, and the blue color represents the somber mood depicted by the guitarist in the image.

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