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Fences Production 2016 Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


Assess the production elements of the movie fences 2016


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December 11, 2020
Production Review: Fences (2016)
Fences, premised on the Pulitzer Prize-winning 1985 script from the exact name, is a 2016 movie featuring Denzel Washington, which was initially composed by August Wilson. Viola Davis also features in the film. Initially, the film was acted to a movie about a man trying to feed his family in the 1950s, directed by Charlotte Bruus Christensen. The plays have production dynamics spanning acting, sounds, music, directing, cinematography, and visual design. The play incorporated a mix of relevance. There is a need to scrutinize the film's aspects, ascertain opinions, and make meaningful statements. This essay intends to review the production caliber of Fences.

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