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The African And Indian Art Influence On American And European Culture (Essay Sample)



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Art influence on Culture
The Native American Art influence on western culture or Euro American culture has happened in a more organic way, especially as the migration of human beings from the western and the Indian world came about. This began from an era that information was not produced as it is since there was no telephone technology, internet, and other social interaction mediums. While looking at the native America art and its influence on the western and euro American culture, there are historical forms that guide steps of careful evaluation left when Euro-Americans exploited the Native American continent CITATION Sus08 \l 1033 (Croteau and Klein). In most cases the Native American art is also referred to as the Indian or American Indian Art, it is also the visual art of the aboriginal people in the Americas, usually called the American Indians. This essay shows that the influence of Native American art in the western culture has created a different impact on the Western lifestyles and culture. However, this influence is not only one-sided, as the Native Americans have also had to give away some of their cultures due to the western lifestyle and creativity.
Native Americans and Western Culture
In native America, using the word art suggest some of the basic differences between western and the Native American concept. First, not only few Indian groups have allowed the use of art as a major way of life, but it also lack the meaning of the term, ‘art’ in their native language. Therefore, the word ‘art’ is purely a western concept. In most cases, the Native Americans referred to the work of art with simple phrases like, “effective” or “powerful”, among other terms. In addition, the idea behind an artist was largely looked at as a person that was simple terms better at his Job that in another CITATION Max17 \l 1033 (Carroci). However, in the general sense, both culture embraced artists with a special significance and encompassed it as an expression of their culture.
Looking at it from this perspective, it can be agreed that the Northern American artists, though having sold their culture, are also influenced by the western practices. The same concepts and inspirations are used by both cultures to arouse an emotional response to their work. In Native American cultures however, the ability to communicate effectively through art depended highly on the recognition of the force of tradition. Art was influenced by the social organization of different tribes, which allowed for less latitude for experimenting that the western culture. This also compelled the artist to work in different ways. There were however some degree of freedom of expression in some cases. Some of the early North American art included the carving of monumental stone reliefs and statutes; they also painted several murals and were good in the art of pottery, weaving, and metalwork CITATION Fre10 \l 1033 (Kleiner).
It is also important to note that most of the Native American artwork was meant to serve a particular deity, placate or frighten the evil spirits, soothe the angry gods and honor the newly born and the recently deceased CITATION Fre10 \l 1033 (Kleiner). For example when looking at the Coatlicue ( she of the serpent skirt) which is an sculpture that was created in Mexico City, Mexico in 1487, depicts spirituality and evil at the same time. As if to indicate the life of human beings and the punishment for regarding less about the gods, like the beheaded goddess.
Above: Coatlicue (She of the Serpent Skirt) Source: CITATION Fre10 \l 1033 (Kleiner)
Through art, Native Americans sought to regulate the environment, human beings, and the supernatural power. Art in this manner was a sense of spirituality.
The above aspects show how much the Native Americans have played a very important role in the making of western sculpture and paintings. It is evident that without the Native American art influences; the current art forms would be unimaginable. This is because most work seen is influenced by ancient Indian traditions. Most of famous artists like Brancusi and Picasso's work of art are influenced by non-western art that also include the Africa CITATION Sus08 \l 1033 (Croteau and Klein). In most case, the western art and the Native American art was highly predicated in relation to the form. In addition, western artists in most cases will use motifs from Native American art with respect and relish. It is also important to note that some of the western art i...
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