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Social Acceptance Of Drugs In American Music Culture (Essay Sample)


Social acceptance of drugs in American music culture

Social Acceptance of Drug Use
Social acceptance of drug use
This paper starts by asking this question, what does music do? This paper cannot answer this question nor can any person we know can do at this particular time. What this paper proposes is to have analysis of what we have knowledge about music functions in human society and how people related with it, pass it, how we change it and create new form of expression. In responding to our assignment, this paper explores social acceptance of use of drugs in American music culture. In exploring this topic, this paper looks at some of music from 1950-1995 as it period. Although a country music singer, Paul Proctor says “music is not like drug or alcohol but it can be destructive and deceiving when misused. It has capability to distort one’s reasoning, emotion, perspective and behavior. It is even made worse by peer pressure.” The following are the songs that have demonstrated of social acceptance of drug use.
Priority Records distributed Dr. Dre debut studio album “The Chronic” which was released on December 15 1992 by his record label back then, the Death Row Records. The recording of this album was in June 1992 and took place at Death Row Studios in Los Angeles. The naming of this album was after a slang term for high-grade marijuana, and its associate covering was Zig-Zag rolling papers. This was after departure of Dre with N.W.A and their label Ruthless Records over business dispute.
Dope man was a single resealed by N.W.A (Niggas With Attitude) in their album straight Outta Compton in the year 1988 by the Ruthless Records. This group consisted of Dre, Ice cube, Krazy D and Eazy E and the song speaks of selling cocaine as a way of making a living but at the same time warning the fellow Africa-American youths against taking it as it has dire consequences. They group brag of the money they have made from cocaine money hence embracing the culture of trafficking cocaine as a way to make a living.
“Love’s Gonna’Cha” is a hip-hop rap song released in the Edutainment album released in July 17 1990 by Boogie Down Productions. Boogie Down Production talks about being raised in drug dealing family and he could not understand of what was going on as he saw neighbors come and go. Boogie Down Production was interested with the trade when he realized it and saw how people around him have an extravagant lifestyle out of the business. That why he says “love gonna cha” as he was not introduced into the trade but joined the trade to have a life like his peers.
UGK released their song “pocket full of stones” in their albu...
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