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Jazz At The Park: My Favourite Jazz Band, The Sassy Jukebox (Essay Sample)


All students will be required to submit a review of a live jazzperformance. This review should be roughly two typed pages long. Thefollowing things should be included: the name of the group, the namesof the individual performers (or key performers if the group is verylarge), the name and location of the venue, the length of theperformance, titles of selections played, and the names of thecomposers. Write the review in such a way as to give your reader agood idea of what it was like to be at the performance.

Seated anxiously, almost fidgeting in excitement as I wait for my favorite Jazz band, The Sassy Jukebox, to appear behind the closed curtains at the elated stage at the Central Park in my home town. The park was almost full of Jazz lovers seated on their neatly placed mats on the perfectly cut grass. Children running everywhere and adults strolling into the park as the show was about begin. The park lamps had been accompanied by the neon lights that surrounded the selected venue where the audience had sat. The clock slowly ticked away into evening as the sunset warm ray began to fade into the horizon. The evening breeze blew softly as the dry leaves landed gently on the sitting area of the impatient audience.
In a score of seconds, the curtains were drawn sideways as the host of the show, DJ Wesley, welcomed everyone to the annual Jazz festival. Cheers and soft claps accompanied his great introduction of the curtain raisers of the show. A local band was set on stage, ready with their saxophone, piano, guitar, drum set and a violin. DJ Wesley quickly excited the stage as the band began their performance. Gently the violin captured everyone’s attention as the rest of the band joined in with their musical instruments. They played a famous song composed by Benny Goodman. Jazz festivals were becoming popular each going year as the crowds grew annually. New and existing Jazz lovers quietly enjoyed the tones and the beats of the music playing. A sense of calmness seemed to settle in my mind as I joined into the music. Slowly swinging into the music, moving my body side to side as if being carried by the sweet beat of the music.
Quickly, startled by the round of applause that marked the end of a great performance, I watched the band leaving the stage as they blew kisses to the entertained audience. It was a performance of about five minutes that seemed to last for an hour. A beautiful piece it was. So moving yet so simple in beat. DJ Wesley came up to the stage and thanked the local band for a wonderful performance. He also appreciated the audience for having enjoyed the performance as he promised that we would love the Sassy Jukebox even more who would be performing next. He asked the audience to give a warm welcome with cheers and hand claps as they came to the stage. A round of applause was accompanied by eager eyes as the Jazz lovers waited for the band to walk into the stage. No one came. No sign of anyone coming to the stage. DJ Wesley seemed ...
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