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The Day the World Took Off: Movie Review Performing (Essay Sample)


A review of the series "The DAY THE WORLD TOOK OFF" basing on the major emerging theme

Series Review: The Day the World Took Off
The series ‘the day the world took off’ presents the historical perspective of industrial revolution in different parts of the world. The series begins with a single day at Liverpool when the industrial revolution happened making Europe the mother of technological and industrial revolution. The series then presents consistent reviews of the history through 100 year, 250 years, 500 years, 1000 years, and 10,000 years. Each set of historical review focuses on a specific theme that mainly characterized that period in time. The series acts as a mirror through which the current world can look back and celebrate 200OAD (The day that the world took off 1-6). Each of the episodes presents both the best and the worst aspects of the industrial revolution, including war and the invention of gunpowder as well as higher labor productivity in the business world. The main theme that cuts across all the episodes of the series is the selectivity of technology and how technological advancements can favor some parts of the world and not others. The question that runs in the mind of the audience as they watch the film is why the revolution had to happen in Britain while China was better suited to inspire the revolution. The current paper presents an economic perspective of the industrial revolution, especially why the revolution happened in Britain and not china.
The viability of nation, state, or locality to benefit from industrial revolution is based on its preconditions for change. Economic development does not happen overnight. It is a process that includes the combination of essential factors that prepare a nation to receive change and transform the livelihoods of its people. Economic development is effective when all the people in the society are involved in the process of change at different levels. China and Europe were almost at par in economic development at the time of the industrial revolution. However, Britain was more prepared and had favorable factors that attracted the industrialization process. For instance, the political stability in Britain led to population growth, which is a key aspect of economic development. The entrepreneurs had enough market to sell their products and services, thus promoting economic development and room for industrialization (Allen 77). Further, the level of peace in the nation gave room for entrepreneurs to think freely and invest in the development of new technologies. Wealthy business people also benefitted from the political stability of the nation and were able to support the new technologies invented at the time. The collectivity of these factors led to Britain, especially Liverpool to industrialize faster than the rest of the world.
In the last episode, the series tries to present the history over the last ten thousand years with agriculture and animal farms being the center of concern. Relating the episode with the main theme of the series, it is clear that agricultural development in Britain placed the nation at an ideal place for the industrial revolution and technological advancements. The farming practices led to increased population and an opportunity for business people to take risks in investments. The availability of markets gave confidence to entrepreneurs to take risks with the innovative mechanisms. Natural resources such as iron, coal and waterways in Britain enhanced the process of industrial revolution. The availability of the resources and the willingness of the people to invest in the unknown technologies went a long way in bringing birth to the industrial revolution in Britain (Dugan and David 61). Consequently, the demand for products from Britain led to the development of ideal transportation systems, which further propelled industrial revolution. Most of the goods produced in Britain were transported to the colonies. Infrastructural development is an essential aspect of economic development in any nation.
The invention and the use of machinery is also a major theme in the series. The use of machinery made the difference between Britain and china’s preparedness for the industrial revolution. Research indicates that both nations had similar levels of productivity levels, but the efficiency of productivity differed greatly between the two n...
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