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Compare And Contrast Two Historical Art Painting Techniques: Romanesque vs Ancient Aegean Arts (Essay Sample)


The instruction was to compare and contrast two historical art painting techniques

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Romanesque Art vs. Ancient Aegean Art
I will be contrasting works of art from two historic periods; Romanesque Art and Ancient Aegean Art.
Romanesque Art
From the Romanesque Art, I will be discussing a sculpture with the title Flight into Egypt by a well-known sculptor termed Gislebertus. It is located at the Cathedral of Saint-Lazare, Autun, Burgundy, France and is dated back to 1130. Gislebertus was the only known sculptor who inscribed his name on the tympanum of a Romanesque church (Adams 377).
The Flight into Egypt illustrates the Holy Family escaping from the command of King Herod, which appointed the taking of the lives of all male off springs under the age of two (Adams 377). Joseph directs a vivacious, high-stepping donkey carrying Christ and Mary away from Bethlehem into Egypt. The capital signifies a recognition of refined surface design, a trait of Romanesque sculpture. Cosmetic foliage is relegated to the background, and design-rich circles reinforce the figures. Open and closed circle patterns are repeated in the borders of the draperies on Joseph’s hat, on the haloes, and in the donkey’s trappings (Adams 377). Additionally, typical are the repeated curves resembling folds, which are curved into the draperies essentially for their patterned feature than to depict organic quality. On Joseph’s tunic, the surface curves emphasize the concept of backward movement giving the impression that the cloth had been blown by an abrupt gust of wind (Adams 377). The Romanesque artist’s lack of attention to gravity is evident in the figure of Christ. He is facing frontwards, with his right hand on a sphere being held by Mary. He is suspended between her knees, with no suggestion of reinforcement for his weight (Adams 377).
The Ancient Aegean
From the Ancient Aegean, the piece of art that I will be discussing is the Ship Fresco (left section)’ from Akrotiri, Thera. It goes back to around 1650-1500 B.C and is 15 ѕ inches (40cm) tall (Adams 123-124).
It was painted in a lengthy horizontal strip, or frieze, which extends over windows and doorways (Adams 123-124). The setting incorporates villages, boats, cities, harbors, human figures, landscapes, sea-life, and land animals. All these present information regarding the culture of ancient Thera. Case in point, the boats are propelled with the usage of sails and paddles, some of the houses contain several stories, and the dressing code is specifically Theran (Adams 123-124).
A number of translations of the Ship Fresco have been indicated, from the plain come back of a fleet to...
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