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The Woman with the Hat by Henri Matisse Assignment (Essay Sample)


Select four painting work and discuss according to the following criteria. A. Detailedly discuss these prominent art elements: use of lines, shapes (Which ones are noticeable?), and colors (Which ones are employed?). Describe lines seen. List all types of shapes and colors evidenced. Be explicit. Do not just state "cool colors," "neutrals," "primary hues," etc.
B. How does the artist use space? How has the artist balanced the composition?
C. How does the artist use motion? Do you sense any particular kind of rhythm?
D. What do you see when looking at the text image of the work selected? Describe what the work looks like to you. Are there any recognizable objects or people? List them. Does the artwork title seem appropriate and why?
E. How do the above elements influence your reaction to the work? What feelings and/or associations does the work evoke in you? Why?(Does it make you feel happy, sad, indifferent, disgusted, uplifted, etc.?)
Final summary question:
F. How are Post-Impressionist works, Abstract Expressionist works, and the like able to sustain popularity amid the time proven works of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo?

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Discuss Paintings
Painting gets characterized as the act of applying paint, shade, shading or another medium to strong surface likewise alluded to as help base. Researchers also describe art as a method of innovative articulation which can be naturalistic and illustrative. Distinctive Painting work includes utilization of distinct craftsmanship components, for example, lines, shapes, and hues which either do the job to look like each other or turn out to be unique. Here of painting we can take a gander at four works of art and perceive how the craftsman has utilized utilization of artistry components, use of space, and the use of movement. The artistic creations include: The Woman with the Hat by Henri Matisse, Three Women by Fernand Léger, the Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh and Mountains at Collioure by André Derain (Kelly, 129).
The Woman with the Hat by Henri Matisse
The canvas gets composed by shading which is all over the place, and the sketch which resembles a splattering of showy shading. The picture of Madam Matisse practically winds up plainly auxiliary to the shading background. The lines are thick but indistinct. There is a dark form line that keeps running from the left on her arm over her back and up past her ear and hair to her cap. Her face shape is oval and adds to the impression of a triangular upsweep toward the cap. The cap and the face together form a triangle. The fan beneath the face additionally makes a triangular shape (Pitcher, 85).
* Use of Space
Space is a zone that a craftsman accommodates a particular purpose. Matisse has connected the paint in fluctuating layers of thickness and consistency. The area foundations surface is, generally, smooth; the strokes are visible yet are not harsh. Matisse adjusted the arrangement, by utilization of long wide corner to corner strokes of thick white and blue paint and making the space painting extremely shallow.
* Use of Motion
The movement of Madam Matisse gives off an impression of being stopped. There is rehashing blue lines on the dividers which make a consistent mood and the natural product shapes make a sporadic beat.
* Work or Image description
The picture gets delineated in an intricate outfit with great qualities of the French bourgeoisie: a gloved arm holding a fan and a full cap on her head. The image contains just a single woman wearing a cap. The craftsmanship title Woman with a hat fits the work. It is because from the look of picture appearance a woman dressed in a cap is seen extremely well (Kelly, 51).
* Impacts of Element to the work
The utilization of lines, shapes, hues, space, and feelings influences the work to culminate. It is a direct result of a noticeable mix of the components that make me love the work. I have an active and beautiful sentiment toward the work since has a social foundation which is evident to all viewers.
Three Women by Fernand Léger
The composition comprises of three ladies on a sofa having tea, their bodies disproportioned and amazingly full, with smooth streaming lines and sharp shapes. There is the utilization of high geometric forms and energetic shading plans. The craftsman's considered the use of dynamic differences of the top line, streamlined frame, and conceptual planes of unadulterated shading (red, blue, yellow, and green) imbues the organization with a blissful visual dynamism and vitality (Pitcher, 30) .
* Use of Space
The three vigorous ladies get delineated in a dynamic hued space. The apparently arbitrary swaths of essential and auxiliary shading bring into the synthesis an intricate feeling of space and development in spite of the static idea of Léger's illustration style.
* Use of Motion
Impacted by the bedlam of urban areas and his enthusiasm for beautiful, essential shading, Léger tried to express the clamor, dynamism, and speed of innovation and hardware regularly making a feeling of movement in his works of art that caught the sound faith of the pre-World War I period. Utilization of individual exercises and development delineated beat in Leger's work (Kelly, 39).
* Work or Image description
The work by Leger is exceptionally magnificent since it includes usage of machines in setting up the work. As indicated by my take a gander at the work it looks present day and engaging because of the stream of musicality in the entire work. The title of the work fits the work since we can see the three women from the picture.
* Impacts of Element to the work
The ideal utilization of the craftsmanship components makes me love the work. The work makes me glad in light of the Blending advancement with continuing structures from the past.
The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh
In craftsmanship, lines are those that keep up the essential type of a shape. It gets inferred either vertical or level. Taking a glance at the picture, the craftsman utilizes the original flat lines in the twirling states of the stars in the sky. These lines are the point of convergence, or focal point of enthusiasm, of the whole piece, and are the main thing most watchers see when taking a look at Starry Night. In "Starry Night," van Gogh utilizes shading for these reasons. The brilliant yellow of the stars and moon rehash, making the beat and adjust in the synthesis. The yellows differentiate against the blues found in the night sky and the town, which influences the yellow shade to emerge more. The adjust of dull and light likewise agrees all through the depiction (Kelly, 32).
* Use of Space
The utilization of space here portrays solidarity in the photo. The twirling brush strokes and predominance of fresh hues tend to bind together the surface and make the inclination that everything has a place together. The depiction utilizes an evening scene, with stars, the moon, trees and a city to bring out solace and recognition from the viewer.
* Use of Motion
He made development in the sky by illustration. He utilizes the whirling movement of the shading in the heavens. It demonstrates the craftsman's translation of wind. Other than that, we can likewise observe the redundancy of the brushstrokes and paint spots. In the canvas, we can see that the stars which get drawn are for the most part yellow in shading and its round.
* Work or Image description
Crafted by Vincent van, Gogh contains notorious of individualized articulation in present-day scene painting. From the painted picture, I can see the sky and stars which can be separated by utilization of various hues. The title of the work of art is fitting since the picture looks starry because of many stars (Pitcher, 12).
* Impacts of Element to the work
Expressionism is craftsmanship that is more connected with feeling exacting translation of a subject. The work makes me uninterested given the utilization of striking hues, contortion, two-dimensional items that need a point of view. It is done to express the feelings of the craftsmen and also deliver an enthusiastic reaction of the watcher.
Mountains at Collioure by André Derain
Turning from the ocean in Mountains at Collioure, Derain painted the olive forests with the precarious slopes of the Pyrenees out of sight which makes the shape. Notice how Derain utilized an assortment of brushstrokes to paint this terrible scene. Inspect how the curving red lines frame the trunks of the olive trees. Derain's striking, isolated stripes of blues, gra...
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