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Disinterestedness Is Essential in The Pursuit of Knowledge Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


The task required me to discuss how essential is when it comes to pursuing knowledge and it directed that i should refer to two knowledge areas in proving the claim to be true.


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Theory of Knowledge: Disinterestedness is essential in the pursuit of knowledge
In general, disinterestedness refers to the lack of enthusiasm, passion, and curiosity about a particular subject presented to a person. However, in the context of ways of knowing, the term “disinterestedness” describes a perspective when an individual is detached from any sides of knowledge. As a result, a neutral stand point is obtained promoting freedom from prejudice and bias, established through an objective and impartial approach. In the pursuit for knowledge, pure objectivity is essential as it incorporates contrasting and multiple viewpoints in gauging the credibility of the sources of knowledge. Conversely, too much interest jeopardizes the creative system and dismiss the possible outcomes. This paper will focus to discuss the phrase “Disinterestedness is essential in the pursuit of knowledge.” Gauging from the various fields, an impartial and objective approach is absolutely necessary in the process of acquiring knowledge.
Definition of key terms
Originally, disinterestedness refers to being indifferent and “not interested.” In the pursuit of knowledge, when we are disinterested it means that we have little to no prejudice and biasness about the options that provide us with knowledge. This ensures that a sense of disinterestedness does not provide hasty conclusions, judgments, and generalizations that people with interest normally run to. Such a worldview in the pursuit of knowledge allows for an open-mind to explore a find and produce and explore possibilities in the field (Hamlyn and Hamlyn 13). Essential means something that is absolutely necessary or extremely important. Finally, the pursuit of knowledge, as opposed to popular opinion, is the process of acquiring knowledge and not the final product in the production of knowledge.
Applicability in Natural Science

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