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Human Desire for Love, Companionship, and Eros.Visual & Performing Art (Essay Sample)


There has to be a selection of a Ted talk or RSA video that needs to be compared with the chosen piece of artwork. There also has to be the mention and analysis of a specific time era, according to Hick's videos, that applies to both the artwork selected from the text, as well as the selected TED talk/ RSA video.


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Human Desire for Love, Companionship, and Eros
Humans naturally desire love and companionship. Hellen Fischer (“The Brain in Love”) explains why we crave for love to the point of death. According to Fischer there is no society that does not have romantic love. Looking at the human desire to have companionship, especially erotic love, it is easy to conclude that erotic love and companionship is the key to happiness. However, this is not always the case. Fischer contends that, love is not always a happy experience. According to her research 90% of people she interviewed have both rejected and dumped a loved one. She defines romantic love as the most powerful sensation and madness. She also describes it as an addiction similar to the rush of cocaine based in the chemical activities that are observed in the brain of a person who is in love. She further explains that romantic love is a drive with characteristics of focus, craving, tolerance, withdrawal symptoms and relapse, similar to an addiction.

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