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The Art of Non-Objectivity: A Review of Two Paintings Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


The instruction was to use two works of art, provided by the client, to critically appraise their integration of non-objectivity and weave an iconographic INTERPRETATION into the appraisal.


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The Art of Non-Objectivity: A Review of Two Paintings
The becoming of post-revolution Russia inspired the emergence of an age of unconventional art where the high-rise of paintings and creations for aesthetics was substituted by an urgency for expressionism. Constructivist and Suprematist art forms, having existed only moments before the revolution of 1917, graced much of the art stage afterwards becoming truces to an arguably appalling sociopolitical unrest. While constructivist art strove to elude artistic autonomy in favor of utilitarian-style social reform, Suprematism was a call for minimalism, simplicity, geometry, stagnancy of color, and dynamism of form. The principal authority behind Suprematist art was Kazimir Malevich who, having started the movement in 1913, made impactful artistic statements (Malevich 8). Two works of art, Suprematist Composition: Airplane Flying and The Great Appear Great to Us Because We Ourselves Are Standing on Our Knees Russia represent a formal semblance depicting the front matter of realism from a non-objective and sociopolitical point of view respectively.

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