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History of Art, Role And Challenges (Essay Sample)


The task here was to read three given articles and summarize them in a one page essay whose title was to be determined by the writer. It needed no references since the articles played that role and the essay had to be in MLA style. The subject was based on art especially fine arts. Charts, digital sources and slides were not required in this task.


History of Art, Role and Challenges
From Hokusai’s article, it is clear that art existed as early the 16th century as his father is described to be a metal engraver. Art irrespective of education can be described as a talent with artists like Rauschenberg failing in science but later excelling in art. The artistic work takes various forms of representation such as book publishing, carvings, performances, music and films. With these forms, accompanying tools such piano, recitations, dance among others all make the work complete.
Art in all forms as Rauschenberg describes plays a great role promoting culture as seen in Hokusai’s shaving style for the Japanese artists, peace and even understanding among nations. This is all through the transfer of artistic work amongst nation with the necessary information. However, for the betterment of art work, the work must be appreciated as the military governor did for Hokusai.
The artists face several challenges in their work as their work in some religions and regions are seen as a form of idolatry especially the carved images. Carved images and monuments have been broken down (ICONOCLASM) both in the Muslim and Christian religions where they have been linked to idol forms of worship. Earlier in

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