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Social, Cultural, Political and Historical Issues in 'The Man with the Golden Arm' (Essay Sample)


You may choose any film from Kanopys website under classic cinema. You may need to login but if you see it on the website you can search up the film on youtube and it should be the same.
Film analysis, not just a summary. ensure that the analysis is extensive and brings out the true MESSAGE of the film accordingly. no sources are required.


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Film Analysis
Classic films have been developed to present specific arguments and themes to society. In particular, the movies play a crucial role in ensuring that the population understands specific messages that such classics can only display. The films significantly affect the social, cultural and political issues affecting society. Besides, the historical value of classics is relevant, as evidenced in the contemporary art industry. An examination of a classic film is a crucial task that must be undertaken to ensure that the specific lessons are gathered from such analysis. Indeed, examining the aesthetics used in the film and their contribution to language in the film is a crucial role.

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