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The Powerful Voice Of Legendary Lucky Dube And His Achievements (Essay Sample)


Lucky Dube and his achievements.

Name Professor Course Date Lucky Dube Many artists have come and gone, but only the legendary have stayed and are still remembered from generation to generation. An upcoming artist looks up to them as they entertain and produce music that touches the souls of thousands of people. Lucky Dube is one such legend; he commanded the stage with his powerful voice, winning him several awards. He is an example of those people who have overcome obstacles in their lives. This paper discusses his music and the message it had to the people that loved and respected him so much. ‘Slave”, is a song addressing the problem of alcoholism. The struggle of being an alcoholic and the effect it has had on families. The song ridicules the behavior of addiction while warning people they would be slaves while they take too much of it. It passes the message to the society while encouraging rehabilitation to those already affected by drinking too much. The effect it has on people career, life, and social life is also clearly communicated. More so it shows how it is a struggle to stop drinking when one has become an addict. Lucky Dube sang this song expressing his life history and the effect it had on his family when he was a child. In his other song, “I am a Prisoner,” Lucky emphasizes the importance of education. Its a song addressing the young people who disregard instructions instead choose a dangerous path of being criminals. "I am a Prisoner"' is a message that has a powerful lesson to the children growing up. Teaching the young generation of how they would most likely end up dead or in prison if they make up the wrong choices. The song also pinpoints to the fact that there is no life after imprisonment. The song, however, was taken to be a freedom song as political prisoners got released on the day of its release. Hence it was embraced by the citizens of South Africa although it had a message to the daily happenings in the society (Levisen 113). “Remember me,” was a song written about the artist's father. Many people who had to live without knowing their fathers understand the song more than anybody else. It talks of the singer's fears and the hopes he had about his father that he barely knew. Lucky was also singing the song as encouragement to those in the same situation as him; to give them hope. “Different colors,” seeks to unify people from different parts of the country and continent. The artist discourages the tendency of politicians of separating people along ethnical, racial lines.  Passing the message of peace and discouraging discrimination around the world. “Mama,”...
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