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The success and failure of Picasso Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


The success and failure of picasso


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The Success and Failure of Picasso by John Berger
John Berger’s book, The Success and Failure of Picasso, is written eloquently and insightfully depicting the concepts and critiques of Picasso, a renowned artist of his time. More so, Berger highlights on how Picasso’s arts were extraordinary through different occasions, which assisted in the redefinition of painting rules. As well, Berger demonstrates moments in which Picasso’s artwork became stale and devoid of its usual motivations. In such regards, the Book provides an in-depth analysis of Picasso that encompasses various artworks from Rousseau to anarchist theory, and comparing his work with those of peers, like Velazquez and Van Gogh (Berger 12). However, with the profound insights of Berger, he examines the social differences between pre-France and Western Europe. Also, the author illustrates how art was transformed by the bourgeois and Soviet failing artistic theory into a commodity. More importantly, the most successful examination and penetrating insight from Picasso’s art were on what it does and how it changes people. In such regards, the paper provides a review of Berger’s The Success and Failure of Picasso.

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