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Why Student-Athletes should be paid Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


i choose pro i can only use the website given but if you can find one arguing it to be a con
athletes should be paid pro or con


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Why Student-Athletes should be paid
Globally, student Athletes develop and continues benefiting several colleges, sponsors, and universities' financial benefits. Suppose you are a competent student Athlete, spending a quantity of your time in academics and athletics. A lot of time is consumed by the teachers to become the best player to compete with other institutions' best players. Athletes get injuries both mentally and physically based on the level of commitment and training the athletes to undergo. However, some people question whether student Athletes should be paid or not. Student-Athletes should be paid since they deserve the ownership of their names as the college makes millions of brands with their words.
First, the student Athletes give the institutions great financial benefits. Donat (1067) insists The Athletes should be paid a proportion of these funds since, without their efforts, it could not be possible for the institutions to earn the funds by the athletes' popularity. The athletes make sufficient funds to the institutions to not be hurting to the institutions to reciprocate by paying the athletes a proportion of the funds (Morris 32). The institutions should take good care of their athletes by crediting them for their quality services.

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