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Environmental Degradation (Essay Sample)


Environmental Degradation essay


Environmental degradation
Environmental degradation is a process in which due to human interference environment and its elements get damaged in every way (Raleigh, Clionadh, and Henrik Urdal, 678-681). This cannot be measured directly but the degree to which it can affect ecosystem. There are three main areas which get affected by environmental degradation directly. These are land degradation, Forrest degradation and water resources depletion.
As per the state environment report, 50% of total agricultural land is degraded and remaining is on the way. Land degradation affects production of agricultural commodities (Gisladottir, Gudrun, and Michael Stocking, 101). This is becoming unbearable due to uncontrollable population (Taddese, Girma, 817). Main causes of land degradation are water logged soil, wind erosion, poor farming etc. The reverse of land degradation is long process and prevention is less effective process because natural calamities itself are main causes of it. Forest degradation shows instant 

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