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Expository of Bracypelma Albopislum Biological Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)




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Expository of Bracypelma Albopislum
Brachypelma albopilosum is a beautiful hairy spider and also known as the curlyhair tarantula. It is a terrestrial semi-burrowing spider and belongs to the species of tarantula. It belongs to kingdom Animalia, phylum Arthropoda and class Arachnida. Its native origin is Costa Rica. Its body is plump and is covered with dark brown to nearly black hairs and has a golden sheen due to the long golden hairs that cover its whole body. Its body is also covered with long bristles that have a characteristic curl which gives the tarantula a unique look. (Petersen, Stephen& et al, 30)
The male is usually lighter in color than the female. Mating usually occurs mainly during the rainy period and results in the formation of an egg sac with eggs. The egg sac is incubated for a period of about seven weeks after which young ones emerge and crumble together. The young ones develop quickly and disperse to live separate lives over the next couple of weeks but the growth rate is being debated, some say it has a slow growth rate while others claim that with good diet and care they can grow very fast. Only those females that are receptive are the one that allow for mating while the unreceptive ones are very aggressive to males when approached and are likely to kill and eat them. (Padilla, Mario, Mary Ann Colley& Richard, 326)

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