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Knowledge of Living Systems and Medical Technology (Essay Sample)


How does knowledge of living systems and medical technology support the prevention and treatment of disorders?


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Knowledge of Living Systems and Medical Technology
The advent of medical technology and knowledge of the living systems facilitates the treatment and prevention of illnesses. Information technology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices’ development have made a significant contribution towards enhancing people’s health. As a result of medical technology innovations, healthcare practitioners have improved their practices in areas such as effective surgical procedures, diagnosis, and enhanced patient care. Besides, doctors have managed to connect with patients in different parts of the world through various innovations. If medical practitioners have a comprehensive understanding of living systems, they can enhance patients’ health conditions from different backgrounds. Medical technology and knowledge of living systems play a significant role in treating illnesses and improving the quality of life.
In the contemporary world, the advancement of new technology plays a crucial role in improving people’s life. However, healthcare is one of the industries that has improved because of modern forms of technology. Wartella et al. argue that the innovation of new medical devices has facilitated the diagnosis of illnesses towards improving general health (23). Besides, technology has led to artificial organs and other development to facilitate the treatment of illnesses. In general, improving life quality is one of the core benefits of integrating technology in medicine. For instance, X-rays and other CT scans have greatly contributed to the examination of health threats.

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