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How Can Societies Help the Physically Challenged? Biomedical Essay (Essay Sample)


This study examines the main ways in which Societies can Help the Physically Challenged


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How Can Societies Help the Physically Challenged?
Nowadays, physically challenged people regardless of their statuses make up a significant percentage of the population. Thus, the entire societies should support the physically challenged to cope with their disability-related challenges and offer them stable housing and employment opportunities. Social institutions should initiate different programs to make the living conditions of disabled individuals more accessible and comfortable. Moreover, societies should provide physically challenged individuals with efficient assistance to lessen their physical and emotional limitations and encourage them to pursue their goals.
For instance, a physically challenged individual should be integrated into society through social inclusion programs, which demonstrate that disability is not a hindrance to human pursuits in life (Baker 135). Hospitals, transport facilities, schools, among other social amenities require the installation of hardware or modification of infrastructure to allow access to wheelchairs and other equipment associated with the disabled. Also, a physically challenged individual can be assisted by providing equal education opportunities that would guarantee high literacy levels that are integral to ensure the socio-economic development of any country. More significantly, society should provide access to healthcare services and implement social programs to improve the living conditions of the disabled. Additionally, most of the physically challenged people always face different obstacles in getting much-needed employment opportunities (Barton 198). Therefore, society should establish an effective framework to provide the disabled with equal employment opportunities.
Consequently, the analyzed data confirm the vital role of society in helping the physically challenged. Societies should take an active part in promoting their welfare

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