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Nursing. ADHD is a neurodevelopmental psychiatric disorder. (Essay Sample)


Nursing essay


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ADHD is a neurodevelopmental psychiatric disorder described by a loss of concentration and excessive movements that interfere with healthy growth. The hyperactivity is often impulsive in that the patient makes fast movements and actions without a second thought on their consequences. At times, the impulsive behavior may be expressed as an intrusive and interruptive social behavior. In attention means that the patient wanders off task, has difficulties in sustaining focus, and is disorganized. Hyperactivity means the patient seems to be uneasy and moves about constantly, even in inappropriate situations. ADHD may also be seen in adults.
Hyperactivity and inattention are the main symptoms of ADHD (Asherson, Buitelaar, Faraone, & Rohde, 2016). However, other symptoms are essential in the diagnostic criteria of ADHD. Symptoms of hyperactivity include restlessness, intrusiveness, and fidgeting. In addition, other symptoms of hyperactivity are lack of attention, and a tendency to multitask. Further, symptoms of inattention are related to having trouble in paying attention, avoidance of tasks that require a lot of focus and being easily distracted. 

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