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Chemistry Biological & Biomedical Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Chemical reaction speed, spontaneity, and equilibrium


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Chemical reaction speed, spontaneity, and equilibrium
Chemical enthalpies are one of the fundamental units in the subject of chemistry. One of the misconceptions about chemical reaction speed is that it is a process where the reactants undergo a reaction, and products are formed from the reaction. The misconception that revolves around chemical spontaneity is that spontaneous reactions occur when the heat is released from the system to the surroundings. In chemical equilibrium, one of the misconceptions is that the rate of forwarding reactions usually increases in the process of mixing of reactants until stability is achieved. This paper examines the definitions and some of the factors that affect the three topics. Understanding the chemical reactions assists the communities in understanding the amounts of heat in any system. Heat is essential because it can be used to extract energy, which in turn, useful in other processes. Additionally, the three topics also tell how much heat s gained or lost in a given system. Chemical reactions speed, spontaneity, and equilibrium are affected by many factors that sometimes hinder or speed up their reactions.

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