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Chinese Air Pollution Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


the task was to research on the extent of pollution and the leading cause of environmental degradation in China.
this sample addresses the issue of pollution in the nation by focusing on its history of development as well as major causes of air pollution and its effects.


Professor’s Name
Chinese Air Pollution
China is considered one of the fastest growing nations on earth and the development is linked to the diversification of sectors. However, this progress is not without adverse effects to the surrounding including the air. Air pollution is a serious issue in most parts of China and dates back to the time of early industrialization in the 1860s (Gamer 309). During this era, rulers built industries whose purpose was the production of munitions and vessels for exploring oversea regions as well as attacking both internal and external adversaries. These economic activities demanded supply of sufficient food products and minerals exerting pressure on natural resources. For such rulers to achieve this, they needed to devise methods of crop production and mining. As a result, mechanization took over many operations including transport of precious metals and food (Zhao & Sing 321). During those days, coal was considered the most economical source of energy to drive machines.
Discovery of coal was the route to the empowerment of the nation. However, different people had differing views about focusing on coal as the main source of power. Some were of the idea that it will lead to depletion of natural resources. Others felt the need to embrace the new technology because of the expected benefit of making work much easier (Zhao & Sing 322). Some reformists came with better ideas to help solve the puzzle, but the opposing force from the conservatives (in support of coal use) was much stronger (Rajper et al. 12) This tells why China depends on coal as an important source of energy despite causing air pollution. Air pollution as a notorious environmental issue has drawn my attention, particularly in the modern day China. I would want to do much research on this topic to get to the depth of the issue and the impact on people.
Statement of Purpose

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