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Contentious areas in Economics Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Discussion f contentious areas of economics based on a provided case study


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Contentious areas in Economics
Economics, like most of the other fields, is divided into some areas. All of these are aimed at dealing with complex and different issues. As such, the one of operation of these aspects is very different. At times, they may have similar ideas from various sources. On the other hand, they may elicit different reactions from the varied sources based on the way that they are handled. One of the areas in marketing and microeconomics that has been faced with a lot of disagreements include the aspect of economic philosophy. In particular, there are two major perceptions on this issue. This paper will explore in details the nature of the issue and the concept surrounding it.
The economic philosophy area is divided into two main aspects that are based on the mode of reasoning. In essence, there are two main schools of thoughts in this area. These are the free market, which is also known as the laisser-faire and the Keynesian economics. The former school derives its name from the founder who is John Maynard Keynes. He formulated this idea into an economic theory that was also all-encompassing in 1930. According to him, for an economy to flourish properly and to function properly,

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