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How Work Life Balance Is Addressed By Organizations Business Essay (Essay Sample)


The task wanted an explanation on how Organizations address the issues of work life balance. The sample addressed advancements in the concerns of employees, physical exercise access , Flexibility in work schedules and childcare services for employees.


How Work Life Balance is addressed by Organizations
The global financial crisis with its subsequent aftermaths have compelled employees to work harder and stay long in addressing organizational affairs. Being worried of their jobs due to the continual retrenching of the workforce, employees are in “business” of proving to their employers that they are indispensable for the organizational survival. In addition to this pressure is the portable electronic tools in the modern economy that have created a thin line between home and work. The days when work was left in the workplace are gone with today’s workers being available to customers, coworkers, and supervisors all round since they are devices to do so. Such workload attributed to technological advancement making workers to be connected constantly to job has increased the number of employees, who are overwhelmed, depleted, and discouraged as the work life in unbalanced. However, various studies have indicated that the most productive workers are all-round professionals with well and full-balanced lives both within and without the workplace (Yadav and Rani 681). Moreover, successful organizations are interested in fostering employee well-being and health while improving organizational productivity and performance. To this end, this paper discusses the varied ways work life balance is being addressed by organizations.

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