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Important Qualities of a Good Supervisor (Essay Sample)


ou will have to complete a n essay on one of the two topics. It should contain 275-350 words, and be formatted according to the indicated formatting style. The file with your sample essay should be uploaded in doc / docx / pdf format (no handwritten essays are accepted).
Select one of the following topics and indicate it in your sample essay:
Good interpersonal Communicationis the most important trait of a successful manager. Do you agree or disagree?
What are some important qualities of a good supervisor? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.


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Important Qualities of a Good Supervisor
A great supervisor is a critical aspect of maintaining the morale and productivity of employees. People who succeed in this position demonstrate both management and interpersonal skills. In addition, they are often confident, approachable, and have a supportive personality. Good managers should also strive to continually learn, identify areas of weakness and improve on them, and build on their strengths for optimal productivity. The most important qualities of a good supervisor include effective communication skills, empathy and approachability, and management skills.
First, a good supervisor should possess good communication skills. The skills allow managers to clearly communicate processes, goals, and expectations to their teams. Specifically, effective supervisors should keep their teams constantly informed about the progress of the group, its possible challenges, and future strategies to make them feel valued and engaged (Casey and Mark 12). If a conflict arises, they can use their listening and communication skills to address the issue to ensure that the workplace environment productive and healthy.
In addition, proficient supervisors must demonstrate empathy and approachability. Given that they work closely with the group members, supervisors must be easily reachable when issues, conflicts, and questions arise. Effective supervision entails listening to employees’ suggestions and complaints (Olanrewaju and Victor 142). For instance, if managers understand their workers and make efforts to be helpful when they are in need of support amid personal or professional hurdles, it becomes easier to earn their respect and trust.
Furthermore, management skills are fundamental to supervisory work. Supervisors are responsible for their team’s productivity including assigning tasks to the appropriate team members (Olanrewaju and Victor 143). Among the top management skills that good supervisors need is the ability to delegate tasks efficiently. For instance, delegation requires that

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