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Online Jewelry Store Marketing Activity Analysis (Essay Sample)


the essay explains on Online Jewelry Store Marketing Activity explains on how online marketing and The formation of groups applies to many spheres of life, such as study groups, business groups, medical teams, sports teams, etc. For the groups to perform well, there is a need for a structured communication channel that combines all the group's components activities toward achieving their set goals.


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Online Jewelry Store Marketing Activity Analysis
It is common practice for people to combine efforts in the form of groups to attain specific goals. The formation of groups applies to many spheres of life, such as study groups, business groups, medical teams, sports teams, etc. For the groups to perform well, there is a need for a structured communication channel that combines all the group's components activities toward achieving their set goals. Wardle and Linda (23) explain the importance of structuring these communication channels through the use of textual tools such that they are effective in the group's ultimate performance. Wardle and Downs (276-935) conceptualize the activity theory in groups and how they affect the process of work basing on the role of textual tools in activity systems. The importance of activity theory, as defined by Wardle and Downs (276-935), is "to understand the relationships among people participating in activities, the tools people use to accomplish their activities, and the goals people have for the activity". According to the duo, there is more to writing and the use of textual tools than merely completing a task. When a person understands the importance of delivering their message and its contribution toward the goals of the activity system they belong to, they will be able to know what they need to do to improve their performance.
In this paper, we will study the activity system of a small business and how they use textual tools to grow their business. The paper will also highlight the gaps in the group activities' components and how textual tools can be used to solve them. The case study for this paper is an online-based jewelry store that is new in business and uses digital platform for marketing its products. Examining the roles of each component of the business’ marketing structure, we apply the activity theory concepts and analyze how best the business can grow its market.
The paper will focus mainly on how the online store's marketing team exhausts the use of social networks to market their business. The paper also looks at the website's structure and how it creates traffic for the company. The paper also looks at the possible loopholes that stand in the way of its success. Romo et al (136-149) discusses the power of using social networks in marketing in the digital fashion industry, such as the online jewelry store. He mentions that there is power in 'storytelling', the art of communicating the inspiration behind a product and its motive (136). People buy something that they can relate to and not something that they can afford. This means that a marketer's careful choice of words will determine what market audience it attracts and how big it will grow.
The store's marketing team's components can be broken into three parts: the direct sales team, the influencers, and the market research team. The direct sales team is responsible for generating sales directly from the already established platforms such as the website. The influencers' team is responsible for getting people with market influential capacity to endorse, brand and advertise the products. The market research team aims at collecting data from the market that will help the business improve on their product. Such information may include competitors' strategies, market prices, and market preferences. With this structured detail, we can now analyze the application of activity theory to the system to answer the questions of the whole marketing team's performance.
Alhuthali (78-93) advises that for one to make sense out of research, one needs to marry the models of activity theory and 'verbal protocols,' the process people go through to document their ideologies. From this perspective, we analyze the various features of the store's website and other marketing strategies used to understand what the marketing team communicates to its audience and how effective it is toward achieving its goals. The marketing team is also interviewed about their vision for the store and what they think about their activities in terms of impacting on the growth of the business. These questions were formulated based on Romo et al (136-149) analysis of a successful digital luxury fashion store. We investigate how best the team has told their story and inspiration behind their products on the website. We also look at the teams' efforts in making sales and the choice of their brand influencers.
Findings and Data Analysis
Since the business is new, the marketing team seemed to be focused on one primary goal; growing its market by making sales. Using Wardle and Linda (23) explanation of activity theory, the marketing team designed the website to showcase their attractive prices and offers. The team also selected two influencers with a massive social following to brand their products on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. The influencers made posts about the product while tagging the online stores in the posts. This was meant to drive traffic toward the website for potential clients. The team also uses search engine optimization marketing tactic on their websites, mainly focused on articles and reviews about the jewelry's low prices. The website design was attractive, with beautiful pictures of the product.
According to Romo et al (136), businesses that survive competition in the fashion industry have managed to build a connection with their clients through storytelling as a marketing strategy. A focus on seasonal things such as price or a trend is a short term strategy that leaves many businesses stranded just a few months into the industry. Romo et al explain that successful luxury fashion businesses have managed to put their names on the map by building strong brands either by telling the story of their heritage (such as Chanel) or telling the story of their growth (such as Mark Jacobs) (137). This means that their success in revolving around how well they use textual tools to communicate to their market.
Putting these findings and the online jewelry store's marketing approach side by side, it is clear that the team's use of the textual tools is not effective towards achieving the goals set for the business. The group employs five writing genres for their marketing strategies as outlined by Wardle and Downs (276-935), namely: direct texting, use of e-mails to update clients, getting reviews for their products and status posts, and updates by influencers. The head of the marketing team believes that constant engagements with their clients will help them retain and grow the market. He also believes that choosing the most influential brand ambassadors will help the team tap into the social media market. The group puts little focus on what information they put out to their audience, a situation Sannino and Yrjo (43-56) say is a misled objective orientation.

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