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Organizational Success: Training and Development (Essay Sample)


Choose ONE of the following human resources functions and explain how that function contributes to an organization’s success: recruiting, training and development, benefits administration.


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Organizational Success: Training and Development
Regardless of their type, size, and missions, organizations should be highly competitive and less vulnerable to adverse changes. Due to the dynamic nature of the present day’s market, the workforce should be qualified and competitive. It is also vital to avoid employee turnover as much as possible. As organizations envision their future and develop strategic goals, they need to adopt relevant and up-to-date strategies of remaining competitive and reputable. Among the many techniques used is focusing on employees’ capabilities through training and development. Through training and development, the capacity to adopt new technologies and methods increases, turnover reduces, and the method effectively fosters workplace camaraderie.
Training and development programs are instrumental in updating employees with new technologies and methods as they emerge. The business world keeps changing, with human interaction, communication, and customer relationships changing progressively. Marketing strategies keep changing as e-commerce and the use of social media become more dominant. Training and development ensure that employees are up-to-date with relevant technologies and methods and can use them appropriately (Ifenthaler 274-275). Applying modern methods is critical to organizational success since it enhances efficiency. It also makes organizations more relevant compared to their competitors. Employees also feel more valued and ready to execute their functions conveniently and using sophisticated means.

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