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The Differentiation of Business Strategies (Essay Sample)


write a discussion module paper on the following topic: differentiation strategy. explain how it is used to increase sales in a company, citing an example.
consider views of atleast two respondents.
double space your paper.


Student’s Name
Module Discussion Paper
Module Discussion Question: Differentiation Strategy
A successful focus strategy largely depends on the segment of the industry and the size of its market. Differentiation strategy serves to distinguish the products of a company from those of their competitors. For instance, over the years, Apple Company has been using the differentiation strategy to cope with competition from other rival electronic manufacturers (Sidhu and Mather n.p). The Publix Company uses such an approach in targeting a section of consumers of its electronic products.
Response 1: Kevin Mudd
It is worth noting that the student has identified the focus strategy that Publix is using to tame the growing dominance of the Wal-Mart in the cereal industry. However, other significant insights into the nature of the market as well as the effectiveness of the focused approach in marketing campaigns are missing. The changes in the grocery industry include a preference for larger supermarkets and wholesale warehouses over the last few years. Such chan

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