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Production and Operation Management Assignment (Essay Sample)

The paper was about IT concepts as related to business source..
Name Instructor Course Date Production and Operation Management Assignment Entelligence IT is a data storage equipment installer company located in Houston, Texas. The CEO of Entelligence IT, Steve Satterwhite – in 2003- wanted to increase the capacity of their operation to meet the demands of the ever increasing competition. Perhaps their competitors and other business stakeholders wondered how - under Satterwhite's leadership - the company is growing at 40% per year. Business prospects are incredible, with a 500% annual profit realized in the past few years. He is such a model manager. To him, production and operation management is a simple task as long as one works from the top. This study was not centred at Entelligence IT only, it is a study showing the importance of production and operations managers to lead by example. Mr Steve accentuated the need to do the right thing, even if it may cost one's job, reputation, employee, or client. In fact, when someone violates internal company policies or the law, he/she will bear the consequences. The company will definitely spoil its image. Doing the wrong thing creates unforgiving situations, so it must be avoided at all costs. The study recommends managers to apply their technical skills to discharge their duties with high precision. Soft skills such as such excellent communication skills and good attitude are the fun...
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