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The Glass Ceiling and its Impacts on Women Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


The task entails elaborating the glass ceiling effect and how it impacts the socioeconomic growth of women in various avenues in society.


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The Glass Ceiling and its Impacts on Women
The glass ceiling refers an invisible obstacle that prevents a particular demographic, particularly minority or vulnerable groups, from improving above a specific hierarchical level. In the current world, the glass ceiling has adversely affected women's chances of attaining socio-economic prosperity. Besides, the glass ceiling is majorly promoted by predominant gender stereotypes that construct women as weak and subordinate to the male gender. The glass ceiling has resulted in fewer women in leadership and managerial positions, facilitated the gender wage gap and limited the number of women in particular well-paying professions.
The glass ceiling has made it difficult for women to secure significant managerial and leadership positions. For instance, patriarchal organization cultures create obstacles to female professionals seeking job recruitment and promotion opportunities. According to Fapohunda, women constitute only 10% of the senior managers in global organizations, and below 4 % of esteemed chief operating officers (COOs) and chief executive officers (CEOs) (21). Besides, numerous companies do not offer extra pay and promotion opportunities for women, despite the disruption of their normal work schedules by maternity leaves and increased stress resulting from family commitments. Consequently, organizations make policies that favor the socioeconomic progress of males than women, resulting in fewer female managers and leaders.

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