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Communication: Creating Appropriate Graphics To Accompany A Report (Essay Sample)


Task: communication
the task is about creating appropriate graphics to accompany a report.

Student’s Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Creating Appropriate Graphics to Accompany a Report Today the number of cell-phone use has increased from 5 million to over 270 million phone users in the United States. A report by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that there will always be a 6% of the drivers using their phones on the road. Use of tables as they can communicate faster. The reactions of drivers to the use of phones while driving and its effects were varied: - some felt that it is okay, others thought that it is somewhat dangerous with others feeling that it was not dangerous at all. Use pie-charts to show comparison. 84 studies were reviewed on the impact of the use of cell-phone on the roads. It revealed that the cell-phone use impact was moderate on the performance of the driver on such factors as speed, the position of the lane, and some various measure used in managing the vehicle. Tables should be used as they can capture some elements (Robertsen et al. 246). An institution in Australia carried out a research to establish the effects of cell-phone use on the roads. The results showed that the use of cell-phone had resulted in an increase in crash risk with a slightly higher than a fourfold increase (Robertsen et al. 253). Some of the attributing factors to crash risks were precipitated by the age of the driver. A high number of the Echo Boomers reported that they don’t often talk on the phone while driving. The percentages then decrease downwards from the Echo Boomer, through the Baby Boomers finally to the Matures regarding generations. Line graphs should be done to show the decline. As a deterr...
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