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Describe 5 Different Types Of Outdoor Media (Essay Sample)



Types of media
Outdoor media also known as out of home media is a type of an advertisement that reaches consumers outside their homes (Katz 2016). It focuses on reaching product and services while they are out in public places either traveling, waiting in places like offices or in commercial places. Outdoor media is highly selective on geographical location with uniform exposure to all its targets irrespective of the economic or social class. Its communication is usually quick, repetitive and memorable. An example of this media is the billboards. Billboards have widely been used in the past as a means of brand awareness, however, with the modern day technology and websites, they have gained more use in beginning conversations with consumers and helping a campaign go viral. Just like other types, billboards accrue their own expenses. Reaching a greater base of consumers and competition for the billboards spaces have made the costs go higher. Costs vary depending on aspects like location visibility and traffic.
Print media uses physically printed media like magazines and newspapers to reach its target audience who is the general public. Due to a great competition from other types of media, it is becoming less attractive due to its long time to reach the target audience. The main characteristic of this media is the frequency of distribution. Publications that contain time-bound information can be distributed daily weekly monthly and annually. Others like brochures and magazines can be distributed according to an individuals need and they can pick them at their own leisure. Magazine advertising incurs costs differently depending on size, frequency, regional rates and positioning. The bigger the size, higher frequency of production, wider coverage of a geographical area and better positioning of ads like on the front page the higher the costs
Broadcast media is simply the use of radio and television to reach consumers. It has the largest share of advertising percentage nationwide as it helps one gain a larger market share, stronger branding and increased sales at low costs. Television as an example of broadcast media is the most significant and cost-effective means being used by companies today to reach new consumers who are their main target. Costs accrued in television advertising include production and airtime depending on the frequency of airing, how elaborate the design is and talent fees (Gillan 2010)
Mobile media is the new rapidly growing sector that provides an opportunity to connect with consumers directly on their mobile phones kindles, nooks, iPad and other portable devices with an internet connection. A mobile phone is a personal device and making it a targeted communication channel where users can highly be engaged with the content. However it’s disruptive and can also leave a customer with ill will .you can reach the target audience through texts, flash movies, audio, video, and banners. Mobile media is highly precise and accurate, interactive, timely and effective. Mobile applica...
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