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The Role of Music in Advertising Communications Assignment (Essay Sample)


The instructions required the writer to write an essay on the role of music in advertising based on the specifications stated above.

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The Role of Music in Advertising
The main objective of a company is to make sure that its product succeeds in the market. Product success in the market is largely reliant on the success of a product which is influenced by its popularity based on its quality and the impression that the marketers create on customers. The main purpose of marketers is to entice customers to buy the company’s products and services. Musical ads significantly impact the customer product perception. Inclusion of music in ads attracts customers’ attention and creates an impression of the product on customers.
Music is used in advertising to impress the attention of the audience. To achieve that effect, advertisements are made to sound quite friendly to appeal to the audiences’ attention (5). Already designed ads are checked for abrasiveness before they are released into the market to reach the target audience. Nonetheless, the real extent of non-abrasiveness of an ad is only achieved through the use of music. When the audience hears a music that they love in a televised ad, for example, they identify the ad with the music which initiates and fosters a positive feeling towards the product being promoted. Therefore, the experience of the audience with the ad becomes good and inclined towards the product.
On the other hand, music amuses people and creates emotions about a product. The use of music in adverts has been established as one powerful way of boosting the ability of the mind to retain information which makes the information on the product to appeal to memory repeatedl...
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