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Mass Media and Political Agenda Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


The task was about discussing the effect of the mass media on american presidential candidate donald trump.


Mass media and the political agenda
Brief Summary
The article is about the effect of the media on American presidential candidate; Donald Trump. It also talks about how the urge to gain profits by media firms have undermined the public service. The article gives an overview of how the media has led to the political rise of Donald Trump. However, it was noted that the media also benefitted by making more profits due to larger sales of newspapers and viewership by mainstream media houses. The article further gives an insight into the historical roots of exceptionalism by the American Media.
Arguments and views
The writer argues that the media affects politics. He says that it’s through the media that Politicians rise. He gives an example of how Trump political profile rose due to his constant coverage by the media, at the expense of other candidates (Pickard 1). The same media destroys other people’s political careers by negative coverage of their actions.
He argues that profit making is another reason that makes the media focus on politics. Media houses are profit making entities. Their owners try to make profits from anything that comes their way, politics being one good area to achieve that. He gives a simple analysis of how much money in billions of dollars that the media makes in covering one politician. These profits allow the media to focus on one politician excessively (Pickard2). This leads to people having their opinions and views changed to the advantage of particular politicians.
The writer's view is that media freedom protection by constitution allows it to act in such manner.
Relevance of article to topic
The article is of much relevance to the topic. The article gives one classical study of Donald Trump, and how the American media has influenced his political power in the USA. The article shows how the media influenced people’s opinions on politicians as a result of how they covered the politician.
The article gives reasons why the media is much into politics over other important issues. Profit making is the main reason that media houses do what they do. Some of these media houses shape people's opinion into favoring a particular candidate, who happens to ensure that his/her policies will be favorable to the media. He also says that the protection of the freedom of American media by the constitution is one justification used by the media to meddle in politics (Pickard 4)
Effects on the United States of America
The media is a very important part of the society. It is called the fourth estate because of its role in a countries population. Media role in the political agenda in America has its effects. First, the media enables people to know the politics of the country better. In so doing, they can make better political decisions, for instance during elections.
The media in America has been known to shape the opinion ...
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