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Movie Review Communications & Media Essay Research (Essay Sample)


A review of the elements and devices that have been UTILIZED in an episode of your FAVORITE tv series.


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A Critical Review of the Final Episode of Breaking Bad
The hit TV series Breaking Bad is a masterpiece that revolutionized TV and created a number of unforgettable characters and scenes. Re-watching it on Netflix over the weekend, I was able to recapture and enjoy one of TVs finest moments. In the series, Walter White, a smart high school teacher, is the unlikely villain. Dying of cancer and desperate to leave his family enough to live on in his absence, he embarks on a bizarre scheme. Using his chemistry skills, he sets about to become Albuquerque's leading methamphetamine cook.
The series is about how this supposedly simple plan spun out of control, resulting in several unnatural deaths and a broken and ripped-apart family. The season finale to Season 5 was Episode 16, titled Felina, is my favorite. This episode was the climactic ending to one of the best TV series of all time. In this episode, the character of Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, was, in my opinion, one of the finest actings of all time.

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