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Orientation to Film Studies (Essay Sample)


Paper instructions:
The discipline I choose is film studies. The instruction of this assignment is on the second page of the writing sequence document.Please follow the questions to be addressed document to answer all questions. And I also provide an example of orientation assignment in the attachment to give you some ideas. Thank you.
Customer: The separate paper talking about art history and the paper talking about IR are just examples for you. The discipline should be film studies. And you should give an orientation to film studies. Thank you.


Orientation of Film Studies
Film studies is a growing field that offers students the opportunity to explore the history and mechanics of motion pictures. The study of film allows for a unique view into human culture and behaviour, making it an important tool for understanding the world (Barra et al., 249). As new technologies such as VR and AR continue to change the landscape of the film industry, students need to understand how these changes will impact storytelling and viewership. The orientation to Film Studies program is designed for students who are new to the study of film and seek to develop a foundation in the discipline. It introduces the history, theory, and criticism of cinema worldwide. In addition, students gain practical skills in analyzing films and writing about cinema (Danielian 12). Upon completion of the orientation program, students can think critically about films as aesthetic objects and engage in informed dialogue about cinema with others.
It is the oldest and most dynamic discipline in the humanities, and the only discipline studied. From its beginnings in ancient Greece, film studies evolved into a unique interdisciplinary field encompassing philosophy, literature, linguistics, anthropology, psychology, sociology, and numerous areas within the natural sciences (Danielian 12). Film study focuses mainly on the creation and reception of moving pictures.
Film studies were created in the 1920s to understand cinema through different perspectives, thus understanding the evolution of films, the production techniques, and the relationship between film directors and actors (Danielian 13). At first, film studies were seen as separate from literature and art; however, now, film studies have become part of the humanities. The course focuses on examining cultural representations in film media, including documentaries, fiction movies, cartoons, and television shows.
Besides, it began as a field of critical inquiry focused primarily on analyzing cinematic texts. Although critics did not agree with each other's interpretations of film narratives, one thing all agreed upon was that the medium of cinema could portray reality (Danielian 12). The development of film studies provided valuable insight into society, culture, and history. Today, the study includes diverse disciplines: anthropology, sociology, philosophy, psychology, literary theory, linguistics, pedagogy, aesthetics, political economy, gender studies, ethnic studies, communications, and more (Virgin

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