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Problems Of Ethnicity In The Nigeria Federal System Of Government (Essay Sample)


Please write a 500 words essay on one of the following topics:
1) Problems Of Ethnicity In The Nigeria Federal System Of Government
2) Can South Africa be a new call center capital?
3) How does child abuse, domestic violence, chronic illness, addiction, or mental illness affect the well-being of an individual and their family?


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Ethnicity Issues in Nigeria's Federal System of Government
Federalism in Nigeria has been strongly linked to ethnic issues. Although this form of government is intended to facilitate leadership and progress, it appears to have exacerbated problems in Nigeria due to the country's multiple ethnic groups and the legacy of colonialism. The split that arose due to European imperialism has continued, with some communities viewing themselves as superior to others (Ali and Ahmed 12). Ethnic tensions in Nigeria are caused by unfair leadership, and many ethnic groups want to control the country's resources.
Because Nigeria is wealthy in natural resources, ethnic groups compete for power, making peaceful cohabitation nearly impossible. According to studies, proponents of ethnic politics strive to dominate political institutions, share and control local resources, and communicate using specific languages (Adamu & Ocheni, 2016). Even though federalism was intended to address ethnic politics in Nigeria, antagonism among the various communities severely impedes political progress. As a result, political instability causes the country's economy to contract, creating poverty among citizens. 

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