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Four Music Analysis Creative Writing Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Listen to all examples below and write a listening blog entry for 4 of the following (2 from each chapter)
google the song, listen to it, write about the melody, pitches, texture, and rhythm of the music and give a cultural background and whether you enjoyed the music or not or heard anything like it before.
each entry has to be at least 100 words
Chapter 2
Ho Wey Hey Yo (Women's shuffle dance song)
Stomp dance led by Sony Bucktrot
Shizhane'e A Circle Dance Song
Arapaho No. 9 and 28 Ghost Dance
Hymn of the Native American Church
Straight Up
Thuggin’ and Snugglin’
Reservation of education
Bill C-31 Blues
Devil Come Down Sunday
Chapter 4
Field Holler
Poor Boy Blues
From Dark Till Dawn
You Don't Love Me


Instructor’s name
Music analysis
Native American church hymn uses bewildering styles which makes it distinct from any other song that I have ever heard. The Tambourine and drum predominate in the song creating a moderately fast paced rhythm. The artist voice provides repetitive rising and lowering pitch which creates a melody. The melody incorporates suspense which enhances flow. The traditional embedded song has a single vocalist which produces homophonic texture. The general composition of a song reflects the traditional artistic elements of the native Americans. The components which showcases the cultural background entails use a single tambourine. The use of tambourine and the melody creates a high arousal, especially at the beginning, which makes the song enjoyable.

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