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None of the Above by Gladwell. Creative Writing Essay. (Essay Sample)


the task was 'none of the Above by gladwell.' the sample was about ANALYZING gladwell's perspective on Race and personal IQ.


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None of the Above by Gladwell
IQ does not tell everything about race. According to Malcolm Gladwell, there exist some aspects of the race that cannot be revealed through the I.Q. possessed by a person. In her article "none of the above," Gladwell writes in response to a book written by James Flynn that posits that a person I.Q. can be used as a measure of that person's society and education. According to Flynn, for the fact that I.Q. is a measure of intelligence, it can tell all aspects of a person’s race. Therefore, the focus of the paper is to analyze this article by Gladwell based on the information she provided and the facts on I.Q.
The hypothesis used by Flynn in his argument of I.Q. and how it is measured is not a true representation of the real world. Gladwell has given many examples as to why the hypothesis applied by Fynn is wrong. For instance, the Flynn effect posits that if a person was born in the nineteen-thirties with an I.Q. of 100, his or her children should have an I.Q. of 108 and the grandchildren should have an I.Q. of 120 (Flynn 11). In normal calculation using the same hypothesis, Flynn denotes that the I.Q. of people keeps on rising with decades.
Flynn effect denotes that there was a time when people were mentally disabled in the United States of America. According to the hypothesis applied by Flynn in calculating the I.Q of people, going by the same procedure backwards will reach to a point where the parents had a negative I.Q. It therefore indicates that at some period, people were mentally retarded (Flynn 27). According to Gladwell, the hypothesis cannot be applied in normal circumstances as those people who lived in the past decades could solve some issues. It therefore entails that these people were not mentally retarded.
Opportunity plays a key role in determining the success of a person in different aspects of life (Malcolm 9). In most situations, those people who lived in the past decades did not have the many opportunity that are available in the modern era. Therefore, as Malcolm (10) denotes, the success rate of those people cannot be directly compared to that of the people in the modern era without being adjusted for the available opportunities. As Flynn suggested, the I.Q. of people keeps on rising with decades, it is not naturally but for the fact that life keeps on changing whereby people have access to different opportunities (Malcolm 11).

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