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Critical Essay on Beowulf Creative Writing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The task was about writing an essay on a book 'beowulf'


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Critical Essay on Beowulf
Beowulf is one of the oldest poems in history. The poem dates back to the early centuries. The author used old English to express his ideas. Many scholars have published different reports on the structure and the general format of Beowulf. It is one of the poems that have received varied responses and reactions from readers. Different scholars explained the poem’s structure (Mitchell, 2017). Therefore, the author used various theories to discuss the structure of the said literature. This essay discusses the structure of the poem based on the analysis of Tolkien’s theory. This essay recognises Tolkien’s approach as the most accurate tool to analyse Beowulf.
Tolkien considered the Monsters and the Critics on the said poem. The two were the main aspects of the poem. Therefore, Tolkien saw the need to focus on the two elements to present an accurate meaning of the poem. A more significant number of those who have analysed the poem using Tolkien’s theory suggest that it is a more precise tool. Many researchers and other academicians have also used the approach to explain and to understand more about Beowulf. Ideally, this theory has been used by modern society as well as those who analysed the structure of the poem in the early centuries.

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