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Is Homeschooling Better Than Studying At School?Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


Is Homeschooling Better Than Studying At School?


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Is Homeschooling Better Than Studying At School?
Learning is meant to impart knowledge and skills as well as broaden the learner’s scope of their environment and life. Those who advocate for homeschooling argue that it promotes good communication, leads to emotional closeness, and encourages parental involvement. This positive home influence is considered a core pillar of educational success even when studying at school. In my opinion, homeschooling is not better than studying at school. Studying at school teaches the learners how to maintain friendships, fosters teamwork, and leads to the quick spread of ideas. In this view, I strongly believe that studying at school is better than homeschooling.
To begin with, the proponents of homeschooling argue that it promotes good communication between the learner and their family. However, this communication is quite limited as it revolves around the family setup (Gaither 16). A homeschooler may therefore not be acquainted with diverse skills such as public speaking. 

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