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Taking Position On Whether Social Media Is Bad Or Good (Essay Sample)


Taking Position On Whether Social Media Is Bad Or Good

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Is Social Media Bad or Good?
With the recent advancement in technology, especially with the dawn of internet technology, most people have had access to a variety of information easily through the social media platform. The use of social media has gained popularity in various places such institutions and homes, and this has made more minors or adolescent to get accessed to information and materials at their discretions. The use of social media has accelerated cyberbullying which is associated with adverse impacts on its victims mostly the adolescents. Cyber bullying means the repetitive and intentional harms subjected to an individual (victim) by a bully via electronic devices.
Basic Arguments
Emotional stresses in human beings which come about as a result of cyberbullying are associated with adverse effects that may include but not limited to poor psychological function among the victims (Bonanno, & Hymel, P 1-13, 2013). Therefore, there is a need to come up with the practical strategies to help victims cope with them. Many have postulated various strategies that when applied in the treatment of victims they prove to be effective.
One of these strategies includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy abbreviated as CBT. Bullying which in this dissertation it is cyberbullying is related directly to depressions, negative self-image, anxiety, suicide and finally substance abuse. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a strategy that has been subjected to careful inquiry and researchers in this field of study have recommended this approach as the best to address the adverse impacts associated with cyberbullying. They attribute their recommendation to the fact that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy train victims of cyberbullying to understand their minds and feelings and how the duo relates to the situation in which they are. In addition to this, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy trains the victims on how their thoughts and feeling impacts their behavior and the way they perform their day-day activities, (Cappadocia, Craig, &Pepler, P. 172-175, 2013).
In most cases, adolescents are the most susceptible group of cyberbullying, and it is due to their innocence that they are not knowledgeable of self-defeating thoughts and destructive ways of conduct. For instance, adolescents who have experienced cyberbullying will attempt to put into practice the act of self-worth and confidence. Their low esteem significantly imp...
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