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My First Interview (Essay Sample)


the task required the writer to do a descriptive narrative of an important event in their lives. the narrative in this particular essay was ''my first interview''. It describes three things that i learned are important for an interview. they include good preparation in terms of doing resarch about the company. another one was proper dressing and confidence.


Student’s Name
My first interview
Working with Starbucks has been one of my wildest dreams. Starbuck is one of the leading coffee houses in America. The day I received an invitation letter for the interview, I was thrilled, and was determined not to lose the opportunity by any means. Starbucks is a big name in America and well-known company, so getting an invitation from them was a big deal to me. I knew it was my only chance to prove myself worthy of the job. While I perceived the chance as a great breakthrough in my life, it was such an overwhelming moment for me to the point of becoming anxious. However, the day came, and all went well for me since I got the highly coveted job as a waitress with Starbucks. The experience was not without lessons, though. Through my search, inquiries about interviews and the experience itself I learnt three important lessons as it pertains to interviews and I would like to share the same with my audience today.
The first thing I learnt was the importance of preparation. Good preparation for an interview gives an idea of what to expect and also some sense of confidence. It also helps avoid some last-minute mistakes like confusion and anxiety. I started by reviewing the company and learning all there was to study about the company. I made sure my resume letter was in place and al the qualifications and even practised with a friend ahead of time. I had my clothes prepared in time and made sure that day I looked my best. It was a bright Monday morning, the mood was so relaxed, and everything felt fresh. I felt such a joy in my spirit that seemed to assure me that everything was going to be alright. I took my breakfast, a shower dressed and headed for the interview. My dad made sure he dropped me at the gate on time and wished me well. True to my anticipation among the questions I had to answer was the things I knew about the company, and how I learned about it. I had all the information in my fingertips and answered the questions so well without mincing words. Since the company was my dream company, I knew so much about it, which impressed my panellist a great deal. One could tell that by the expression in their eyes.
The dressing can speak volumes about a person so, and thus it gives the first impression about someone. I made sure my dressing fitted the culture of the Starbucks Company. The waitresses are always dressed in official and neat uniforms. While I choose a different colour for my interview, I made sure to wear an official look, which I believed was among the

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