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Website Comparison: The Style, Usability and Readability (Essay Sample)


Website Analysis: Select a web site or some web sites of interest. Evaluate the style of the web sites in terms of the style, usability, and readability. Does the website deliver the necessary information to the reader/user easily? Prepare a report addressed to your instructor in which you explain the findings of your analysis and make one or more specific suggestions as to ways in which the website could be improved. Explain the rationale for your suggestions. If you have a substantive discussion, you may focus on one website to provide a causal analysis or a feasibility analysis; however, you may work with more than one web site to write a comparative analysis
What topic or prompt will you choose? Briefly explain why.
What research will you use to supplement your report? Provide an annotated bibliography of at least three secondary sources. Annotated bibliography entries contain the following:
A works cited entry (putting this at the start of your review will help separate each review).
A brief summary of the resource: formally introduce the source by title and author and then briefly paraphrase the argument and/or content.
A statement on how you plan on using this resource in your formal report
What goals will this report fulfill? What key ideas or concepts do you want your audience to know after reading this report?
What goals will this report fulfill? What key ideas or concepts do you want your audience to know after reading this report?


Website Comparison
I selected the topic Electronic Arts (EA) to conduct a website analysis for this project. In the study of EA, websites like “” and “” are very informative. Both websites are designed in a simple style which makes them usable and readable. Indeed, the websites have differential coloration that allows them to informatively represent the kind of games on them. The usability of these websites is amplified using buttons like “shop now,” “play now,” and “buy now,” with a short description after every game picture. Moreover, the webs have different tabs that allow users to view and select the kind of games titles they want to participate in. Supplementary research used in the comparative analysis is the visitor’s metrics like duration at the website. The paper details a comparative analysis between Eagle and Moonpod Games websites based on their layout and diverse information.
The Eagle Games website is extemporary in informing its users of the products it offers. Indeed, the website offers a description of the games and the levels that players are likely to try. Additionally, the website describes the overall sequence of the game levels before a player can engage in a chosen game. This website also offers its users details on the packages of a game which pique their interests. Apart from these functionalities, the website provides uses with additional advertisements (“Eagle-Cryphon Games”). The adverts appear as a weakness because they present users with distractions that prevent them from enjoying their games. Fortunately, it is not excessively bad as it offers players a forum to schedule competitions and discuss the results.
On the other hand, the Moonpod Games website is basic and has a central news column right after the game’s adverts. Under the news board, the website explains the new features added to the games during release. Moreover, this website has a developed navigation bar on the left-hand side, allowing users to access different parts of its contents. Eye-catching screenshots and a synopsis accompany all the games presented on the website. The contents of the website change when one accesses a specific game, and the website becomes more descriptive of the game in a different content organization (“Moonpod Games: No Gimmicks, Just Games”). Overall, the design is simple but very effective in enhancing users’ interactions and the website.
Suksida, Tawatchai, and Lalita Santiworarak. “A study of website content in webometrics ranking of world university by using similar web tool.” 2017 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Signal and Image Processing (ICSIP). IEEE, 2017.
Suksida and Santiworarak suggest that websites have interrelated backlinks. Based on the kind of visitors and clicks on the backlinks, the ranking of a website could rise. With this notion, the source can improve the rank of these two websites and segment users based on different factors. For instance, the users who use the eagle games website are constantly looking for discounts and competitions. On the other hand, the type of visitors who use the Moonpod website seek new releases and new features introduced in the computer games. The visitors record to aid in other website analysis procedures.
Akram, Umair, et al. “How website quality affects online impulse buying: Moderating effects of sales promotion and credit card use.” Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 2018.
Akram’s article claims that the quality of content on a website significantly impacts the users. From the analysis of the websites, the two have no quality assurance guarantee. Therefore, this source can improve the quality of

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